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Feeling Zoom Fatigue? try these tips...

The Coronavirus pandemic we're experiencing together has brought a whole new glossary of terms to our day to day vocab; lockdown, quarantine, self-isolation, social distancing, PCR test, pandemirritation, Zoom fatigue. These series of words have become as common as sleep and breathing!

The good news is that whether you're feeling more irritated than usual or feeling exhausted even at the thought of your next zoom call - you are not alone and there are tips

and tricks you can use to feel even the slightest bit more relaxed and who knows maybe even start enjoying them!

so why are we feeling zoom fatigue?

1. We are worried about how we appear as we speak on camera. This worry and anxiety starts depleting our focus and mental energy immediately.


Have a dedicated space where you do your zoom calls. Adjust settings on your laptop if needed. Plan your background and choose somewhere you feel the lighting and wifi works best for you. Once you've picked a favourable spot - keep it clean and tidy always and use this space consistently. It's amazing how much energy you will save by doing this!

2. During normal face to face conversations we are not used to having a super size face so close to us. Usually our eye contact moves during a chat, so it's not as intense. We now feel we have to have eye contact and look interested during the whole conversation and this wastes a lot of energy unnecessarily.


Not every video call actually needs to be a video call - be thoughtful about how you're using zoom. It may be awkward for 10 secs but set ground rules before a call - can we do audio only? The person will probably be secretly delighted too. This will automatically load you up on energy you are no longer wasting!

3. Working at home and no longer having to move can make our energy stagnant.


Plan at least 10 min breaks in between zoom calls by going for a brisk quick walk - no excuses! As you walk open and close your hands. Moving your body helps the circulation in your body helping your energy flow and going out in the fresh air helps you breathe more deeply providing more oxygen to your body. But even a walk at home or jumping jacks helps. The important thing is to just get your body moving! This is an instant energy boost. It also helps you to switch off before you have to switch back on in between zoom calls.

So there you have it. Three quick and easy tips you can use today to improve the quality of your zoom calls.

We hope this helps you.

We'd love to know!

The MindCare Team x

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