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Hair + Skin

Hair + Skin

270,00 €Price

6 week programme - only €3 per cup




When your body is performing at its optimum meaning that it’s in balance and in healing it has the seamless flow of energy to give you that beautiful natural glowing skin and luscious shiny locks.


Our 100% natural Herbal Medicine brings you back to balance to be able to function at it’s best and be balanced. Our Hair and Skin Herbal Medicine is good for releasing stress, relieving poor digestion, illness related hair loss, dry skin and childbirth. This leads to a balanced, healthier you that glows from the inside out.


You will notice a big difference between 2-5 weeks depending on your case.




Our formula & our high grade concentrated herbs




Speranskiae Tuberculatae Herba

Acori Tatarinowii Rhizoma

Cinnamomi Ramulus

Taraxaci Herba

Anemarrhenae Rhizoma

Notopterygii Rhizoma Et Radix




Mix 1/2 a teaspoon of herbal medicine with boiling water. Take twice a day (morning + evening) for six weeks




What is the difference between Herbal Medicine and Vitamins.


Vitamins are man made and flush out of the body.

Herbal Medicine is made by mother nature and all of it’s 100% natural goodness that comes from the earth is absorbed into the body using the body’s flow of energy to balance, restore and heal itself.


There is a difference in cost because our 100% natural, high concentrated herbs are more expensive to source than the low concentrated vitamin herbs or supermarket herbs. Natural Chinese herbs are the best medicine for your body as it restores your body into it’s natural balance so that it has the power and energy to heal itself.


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